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Terms and Conditions

Billing Minimums:

Minimum weights are based on the type of barge (rake or box) as well as the given size of the barge. These minimums weights will be specified in the Customer Contract.


This term is expressed in days and can be found in the Customer Contract. It represents the day(s) that a Customer needs to load and unload the barge at the point of origin and/or destination.


A specified rate (per day) found in the Customer Contract that is to be paid when the allowable 'Freetime' days have expired.

Barge Cleaning:

Customers are responsible for arranging the thorough unloading of all product from our barges at destination. Any cleaning expense incurred by us which exceeds a negotiated amount per barge specified in the Customer Contract will be rebilled to the customer.


  • Unless otherwise specified in our response, rates do not include the cost of loading or unloading barges.
  • All quotes are subject to mutually agreeable terms and conditions and a written contract between the parties. ACL's standard contract language is attached for your information. Click here to view the standard contract language.
  • Unless otherwise specified in Carrier Comments above, the customer is responsible for all cover handling on covered hopper barges.