August 27, 2015

River Conditions

At ACL, we strive to keep our customers informed on current conditions throughout the river systems. For your daily update on river conditions, please follow the link below.

River Conditions

Opening of the Upper Mississippi 2015


February 20, 2015

The re-opening of the Upper Mississippi River north of St. Louis is upon us. ACL will begin accepting releases to destinations above St Louis on the following dates:

Origin Release dates (for points below Clinton Iowa)
Houston February 20
New Orleans February 28
Pittsburgh February 25
Louisville March 2
Chicago March 2
Cairo March 6


Origin Release dates (for points ablove Clinton Iowa)
Houston February 27
New Orleans March 7
Pittsburgh March 4
Louisville March 9
Chicago March 9
Cairo March 13


Transit times on the initial voyages may be longer than normal due to waiting for locks and bridges to open, so please plan accordingly. Any barge that loads before the dates stated above, may be subject to demurrage while barges interchange in St. Louis before our projected departure dates, as conditions permit.

  Points below Clinton Iowa March 10th
  Points above Clinton Iowa March 17th

Please contact Rhonda Brunet at (812) 288-2346 if you need any clarification or have any questions regarding departure dates for specific origins and destinations not listed above.


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